Nintendo Switch overtakes PlayStation 4 lifetime sales in Japan

Sony still dominates heavily in worldwide sales though

Nintendo Switch overtakes PlayStation 4 lifetime sales in Japan

Nintendo Switch lifetime sales have overtaken the PlayStation 4 in Japan, according to data from Famitsu.

Switch consoles have been sold an estimated 8.13 million times, whereas the PS4 has sold 8.07 million units in the region.

It’s an impressive first couple of year’s for Nintendo’s latest hardware, given the PS4 launched in November 2013 and the Switch launched four years later in March 2017.

Sony dominates globally

The Switch still has a ways to go to catch up on global sales however. The latest figures for the PS4 peg the Sony console at 91.6 million units sold globally with Switch tracking at 34.74 million.

The Japan numbers clearly show that the portability factor of the Switch is one of its greatest assets with the region historically better-embracing devices of this nature.

During a recent Q&A investors meeting, Nintendo revealed that the Switch is unlikely to be released in another key Asia market, China, before the end of March 2020.

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