Nintendo Switch Online surpasses 10 million subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online surpasses 10 million subscribers

The Nintendo Switch Online paid membership service has now surpassed 10 million subscribers.

That’s up from the 9.8 million members the company announced back in April.

The program was launched back in September 2018 and offers the ability to play Switch games online - previously a free feature - and also includes NES games, Tetris 99, save data cloud backup and voice chat via smartphones.

It costs £3.49 for a one-month subscription, £6.99 for three months and £17.99 for 12 months.

Steady growth

Speaking at the firm's annual general meeting of shareholders, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said the number of subscribers has grown steadily since its launch.

Commenting on the rise of subscription services across the games industry and other sectors, Furukawa said the company needs to “further enrich” services like Switch Online in future.

“Nintendo's policy is that we will consider whether each product we offer is suited to a subscription model as we expand our business in the future,” he said.

Nintendo had plenty to discuss during its annual general meeting, as company execs also touched on trends such as game streaming and 5G.

Senior Editor

Craig Chapple is Senior Editor of and He was previously Deputy Editor at Develop and Online Editor at Nintendo of Europe.


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Jordi Geerts
10 million idiots paying twice to play online
Rmana Bazhkou Copywriter
ZI think it's not just about exclusives, but the fact that the Switch is a great platform for indie gaming. Take this game - Playing it on a computer is basically normal, but on a portable platform it is a completely different experience.
Octo Veemo
"10 million"? Bullshit.

NSO is a paywall, Nintendo, you can try to deny it all you fuckin' want, but that's the stone cold truth. Stop making it a fucking paywall and add universal cloud saves+dedicated servers to NSO already.
Mike Clanton
what he said was... The number of subscribers for Nintendo Switch Online has increased steadily since the service was launched last September, and it has now surpassed 10 million accounts.
Accounts do not equal subscribers, he never said how many subscribers there are.