SuperGaming raises $1.3 million for new social gaming platform

Building for a casual audience

SuperGaming raises $1.3 million for new social gaming platform

SuperGaming has raised $1.3 million in seed funding for a new social platform.

The funding came from Dream Incubator and AET Fund. Better Capital also invested.

“We have evaluated over 100 gaming startups in India and SuperGaming is the best team we have seen,” said Dream Incubator MD Munehiko Eto.

“Ability to create a high-quality game, and not just marketing, is the key to success in the gaming industry.

"With a track record of 100 plus global quality games with 150 million-plus installs, we believe they are best placed to capture the market.

“We look forward to supporting their entry into South-east Asia market and business development together with the Japanese entertainment industry

Building a “casual gaming experience”

The money will be used to create a new social platform. It will be aimed at casual gamers, with the intent of offering social, party and casual games.

On top of a new social platform, the firm plans to expand its team with its newfound funding.

“Games like Fortnite are becoming the new social network. They are a much more fun and authentic way of hanging out with friends than commenting on photos,” said SuperGaming co-founder and CEO Roby John.

“However, the problem with large scale games is that they are restricted to a more hardcore gaming audience, typically the young male demographic.

"What we are building is a party hub around casual games, which are played by a much larger audience to the tune of billions.

“The seed funding comes at an opportune time for us and will enable us to build a new casual gaming experience for leading metros in India.”

John added: “Most gaming platforms are built for the young male audience and end up becoming a toxic place for girls.

“By having a wide genre of games and being very conscious about how we build SuperGaming, we want to make a fun place for girls to hang out as well.”

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