China's Wolves wins $1 million Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship

Runner-up GodLike becomes most successful Indian team in the competition after finishing second

China's Wolves wins $1 million Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship

Chinese esports team Wolveshas emerged as the winner of the $1 million Call of Duty Mobile World Championship held in the USA over the weekend.

The winning team took home a cash prize of $400,000 from the prize pool. Indian team GodLike Esports, Meanwhile, emerged as the runner-up at the competition, picking up $170,000 in prize money.

A proud performance

Going into the final, GodLike had been undefeated through all four stages and didn't drop a game or a single map at stage 4. It marked the best performance ever by an India team at the World Championship.

“We are proud of our champions, they have shown discipline and courage like no other,” said GodLike Esports founder Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude. “We always wanted to put Indian esports on the global map and have done it at the World Championship.”

The CODM World Championship brought 16 teams together from the USA, Canada, China, Singapore, West Europe, Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. The competition consisted of five stages. The first 3 stages were qualifiers, while Stage 4 was the National Championship and Stage 5 was the final.

Below is the list of teams that obtained part of the $1 million prize pool base on their achievements at the tournament:

  • Wolves - $400K
  • GodLike - $170K
  • Luminosity Gaming - $80K
  • Qing Jiu Club - $80K
  • Kagendra - $40K
  • Stand Point Gaming - $40K
  • PowerHouse International - $40K
  • Tribe Gaming - $40K
  • Exclusive - $20K
  • TLE Esports - $20K
  • VOLT - $20K
  • Team Mayhem - $12K
  • KingsClan - $12K
  • Loops - $12K
  • iNCO Gaming - $7K
  • Team Vitality - $7K

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