Nintendo doubles production of Switch consoles to 16 million units

Strong first week sales getting everyone excited

Nintendo doubles production of Switch consoles to 16 million units

Nintendo is planning on doubling production on its Switch console following a strong opening week of sales.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company is planning on manufacturing 16 million units in the next fiscal year starting April 2017. This is up from the eight million that it had originally planned.

This suggests that Nintendo is confident that it can sell at least 10 million units in the next year. Such strong sales and a large userbase could then entice more third-party developers to release their games on the console.

Bigger than expected

As a result of the news, Nintendo stock grew 1.69% by the end of trading. Its share prices have been rising steadily in the weeks following the Switch launch.

It's a much higher estimate than some analysts offered. SuperData research suggested that the Switch would only sell 5 million units in 2017.

The Switch is so far estimated to have sold 1.5 million units worldwide. Nintendo initially shipped two million units to retailers and said it would increase production to meet demand if it was required.


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