Nintendo Switch closes on five million sales in Japan

Handheld hybrid has sold almost five million units in its home market

Nintendo Switch closes on five million sales in Japan

The Nintendo Switch has been the best-selling console in Japan for its sixth consecutive month.

Over the month of August, the Switch sold 199,000 units across the country. This raises overall Japanese sales for the console to 4.97 million, according to Nintendo Life.

The Switch’s biggest competitor in the region, the PlayStation 4, has sold just under seven million units total, keeping it ahead on lifetime sales. But Sony’s home console had a three-year head start and only sold 86,000 units in the same four-week period this August.

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Nintendo Life also provided a short selection of Japan’s favourite games for the system. Best-seller Splatoon 2 sold 96,639 copies last month, followed by Wario Ware Gold’s 90,121 sales.

Even Sony’s Hiroyuki Oda admits that the Switch has been a net positive for the games industry - despite the publisher’s insistence on refusing to engage in cross-platform play.

Japan isn’t the only place the Switch is seeing success. The console approached 20 million worldwide sales this summer.

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