Take a tour around Super Nintendo World on its new website

Due to open on February 4th

Take a tour around Super Nintendo World on its new website

The Super Nintendo World site is now active and offers fans a look at all that is on offer at the theme park.

As detailed on the website, a range of attractions can be found at the Osaka-based amusement park. However, fans were treated to a first look at the area in December.

Super Nintendo World's website offers a virtual tour, as consumers scroll through the site they will be taken to various areas of the park, such as Bowser's castle ride, Yoshi's adventure and Toad's Cafe.

Of course, no theme park would be complete without a store in which to buy merchandise. As such, Nintendo fans can visit the 1Up Factory.

Naturally, any area based on Nintendo will feature Mario, so fans can get geared up to truly experience Mario Kart.

What a world

For the time being, Super Nintendo World is scheduled to open on February 4th, following delays in the Summer and October.

However, as reported by IGN, there are ongoing discussions as to whether or not the park will still be able to open on that date due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, Nintendo fans that are not in Japan could have a long wait before they are able to reach what is likely to be their dream location. Currently, the country is not granting tourist visas so the Super Nintendo World website will have to suffice.

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