Super Mario Run now available on iPhones and iPads

Mario’s mobile debut releases in 150 countries

Super Mario Run now available on iPhones and iPads

Nintendo has released its latest mobile game Super Mario Runon iOS devices in 150 countries including the UK and US.

The launch is a momentous occasion for Nintendo, as it marks the first time its famous mascot has jumped across to mobile platforms.

The auto-runner made by Nintendo and DeNA is free-to-start, but will cost players $9.99 (£7.99) to unlock the full game.

Following the hysteria around Pokemon GO’s launch earlier this year, which has been downloaded some 500 million times, anticipation and expectations are high for Super Mario Run.

Big launch

Sensor Tower recently claimed Super Mario Run could make as much as $71 million in revenue and rack up 50 million downloads in just its first month.

The title has already had at least 20 million pre-registrations on the App Store showing strong interest in playing the game.

We recently looked at whether $71 million in a month is feasible, something entirely possible given Mario’s popularity and the success of previous Mario games on dedicated Nintendo hardware. Though it's a tough task, according to Sensor Tower, even Pokemon GO didn't manage 50 million downloads in its first month on iOS.

Super Mario Run for Android is expected to release in early 2017.

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