Sony's Fate/Grand Order hits $3 billion in player spending

Sensor Tower suggests Fate/Grand Order could be one of Sony's all-time gaming highs

Sony's Fate/Grand Order hits $3 billion in player spending

Sony's mobile role-playing game Fate/Grand Order is estimated to have reached $3 billion in worldwide player spending.

Sensor Tower suggests that this would make the free-to-play mobile game one of Sony’s all-time biggest gaming successes, far exceeding best-selling PS4 game Horizon: Zero Dawn's 10 million sales.

In comparison, the market intelligence firm estimates Fate/Grand Order's revenue is roughly equal to 50 million full-priced retail games.

The game hit this player spending milestone less than a year after it reached $2 billion in revenue.

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Japan is by far Fate/Grand Order’s best-performing region, with $2.46 billion - or 82 per cent of that $3 billion total - spent in the region.

China and the US come in increasingly-distant second and third, with 12 per cent and three per cent of total revenue spent in these regions respectively.

Fate/Grand Order was the second-best-performing game for global revenue last month as revenue reached $84.3 million.

With all this success, it’s perhaps inevitable that Fate/Grand Order would snag two spin-off films and an anime series.

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