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Two dozen new jobs open as Google ramps up Stadia development

Tech giant launches hiring spree across Canada, Germany, Taiwan and Japan

Two dozen new jobs open as Google ramps up Stadia development

Google has kicked off a hiring spree as it ramps up work on the newly unveiled Stadia platform.

Two dozen jobs opened up last Tuesday following the announcement of Google’s new game streaming service Stadia. The jobs are spread across the firm’s offices in Mountain View CA, as well as Canada, Germany, Taiwan and Japan.

These openings are looking for individuals with experience in the games industry - for example, a game producer role opening in Mountain View is asking for five years experience in shipping games alongside an “understanding of the industry and the knowledge of what makes great interactive entertainment".

Many of the new jobs suggest an onboarding process for external publishers and developers, to port their products to the new service. But Google is likely also scaling up for the launch of in-house development studio Stadia Games and Entertainment.

Cloudy skies

Google isn’t the only firm keen on getting into game streaming. IHS data suggests that alongside Playstation Now and subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, the 2018 cloud games subscription market may have been worth $234 million.

But there’s still scepticism over whether services like Stadia can truly kick off worldwide, particularly when Google’s entry may require a 25MB internet connection and use upwards of 20GB a month.

But that hasn’t stopped firms from outside tech entirely taking notice, not when even Walmart seems to want a piece of the streaming pie.

Cloud gaming and streaming will be a hot topic of conversation at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle on May 13th to 14th.

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