News Podcast - Tripledot Studio’s Akin Babayigit on understanding the business behind great games

The podcast team and guests give you the state of play every week. Here's where to get it and and what's inside this week's episode… Podcast - Tripledot Studio’s Akin Babayigit on understanding the business behind great games

Great games start with a great understanding of gaps in the industry and the factors that play a pivotal role in predicting profitability. This week, we welcome a guest with a keen eye for both, and a sixth sense for high-potential startups as Akin Babayigit, co-founder and president of Tripledot Studios joins our hosts, Peggy Anne Salz and Brian Baglow.

The business side of games is baked into Akin's DNA, a talent that helped him build Tripledot from the ground up and go on to effectively scout out and scale lucrative studios such as Dream Games and Luna Labs Limited.

In this episode, he shares pages from his playbook on recognizing the signs of commercial success in a specific title and tells Peggy and Brian the specific data points that are most crucial to the decision-making process at Tripledot.

Also, don't miss his insights into the unique opportunities for app marketers in Turkey and advice on how best to embrace the new science of performance marketing.


What's inside:

00:00 - Intro
01:55 - Akin's background
07:52 - How Tripledot stands out
14:39 - Signs that a game will be a success
28:01 - Market conditions in Turkey
35:18 - Embrace the new science of performance marketing
42:15 - Favourite games Q&A

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