Immutable Games' Guild of Guardians launches today on iOS and Android

The long-awaited blockchain game has already earned over a million pre-registrations and a limited launch in Canada

Immutable Games' Guild of Guardians launches today on iOS and Android

Immutable Games has launched its new flagship title Guild of Guardians (GOG) for Android and iOS devices.

Guild of Guardians was developed in partnership with Mineloader - being from the same stable as Gods Unchained - and aims to bring a new, accessible and fun blockchain gaming and earning experience to players after garnering more than a million pre-registrations and a limited regional launch in Canada.

Seen as one of blockchain gaming's long awaited, high quality breakthrough games, its release today marks something of landmark and will prove to be a watershed moment as to the level of interest and gameplay quality and draw that such a title can generate in 2024.

If GOG proves to be a hit, blockchain gaming's ongoing, chin-rubbing reputation and 'destined to be huge... sometime' stasis could finally see some kind of a significant kick. If it plays its cards right…

A new universe unfolds

The game is a Raid Shadow Legends-style dungeon crawler that sees players journey into Elderym, a fantastical world threatened by the Dread. Tasked with saving the realm, players must assemble a team of Guardians for an epic adventure and progress through Dungeons and battle Bosses to earn rewards.

Immutable Games' VP of game design Chris Clay says, “The past fifteen months of development have been a whirlwind of laying the foundation for a game and universe we've only just begun building upon. With the combined talent of the teams at Immutable and Mineloader we've crafted a world and game engine that is built for live operations and to be expanded on for years to come."

Act 1, "The Dread is Here," marks Guild of Guardians' global launch with new PvP experiences, Guilds, Boss Rush, and Arena competitions, alongside Guardian powers and progression. Acts 2 and 3 will introduce more social gameplay, Guild Raids, creature additions, and web3 features along the way.

Ahead of its global launch, Guild of Guardians also became the top traded gaming NFT collection across all blockchains and has celebrated its mobile release with a virtual global launch event earlier today May 15th, 2024. The event featured the debut of the game's cinematic launch trailer, followed by a behind-the-scenes look at its creation with an AMA featuring Immutable Games and Mineloader.

The game is now available to download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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