Apple to further tighten App Store IAP policy with initial single transaction limit

A receipt is the best form of education

Apple to further tighten App Store IAP policy with initial single transaction limit
Continuing a pattern triggered by consumer criticism over 'accidental purchases' of virtual goods in games such as Capcom's Smurfs' Village in late 2010, Apple is set to tighten its in-app purchase policy again.

According to developer sources, new apps being submitted to the App Store will limit consumers to a single IAP purchase.

Presumably, the thinking is this single transaction limit, highlighted by an iTunes receipt, will alert users to the availability and cost of IAP. This is particularly important for parents who let their children play on iOS devices, without them or their children being fully aware of the potential cost implications.

How much is that doggy?

Much of the fuss about games such as Smurfs' Village and Tap Zoo arose when surprised parents received bills for hundreds of dollars spent by their children on in-game currency.

Since then, Apple has tightened up its IAP policies, requiring separate iTunes log-in for IAP, while individual companies, such as Capcom, now better highlight IAP to consumers, and in some case, limit purchases within their games beyond Apple's requirements.

Apple is also likely taking a firmer view on the issue as regulators are looking into IAP policy industry-wide, while several class-suits have been filed in US courts, specifically citing Apple over the 'accidental purchase' of IAP by children.
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