More layoffs coming to Sony?

Times is ‘ard at t’ PSP mill

More layoffs coming to Sony?
It’s not been the Christmas Sony had hoped for, and a recent announcement that 8000 jobs would be slashed from the company’s electronic division was hardly in the festive spirit.

Details on quite where those jobs would be shed have been sketchy, but new rumours are circulating that Japanese factories will close, along with some ‘major divisions’.

There’s no denying that the PlayStation division is in turmoil, with the PS3 performing adequately at best, while the PSP has seen almost no support either from Sony or third party developers throughout 2008.

Considering the electronics giant has its fingers in so many pies, there aren’t actually all that many ‘major divisions’ within the company, so the PlayStation sector is unlikely to weather the storm unharmed.

Sony is denying the closures, but the resounding silence in terms of PSP support now seems louder than ever. With the iPhone hoovering up so much of its market share, the DSi selling in droves on Sony’s native shores and Android's marketpplace just around the corner, things once again look very bleak for the handheld beauty and those that make it.

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