Goddess of Victory: Nikke reaches $750 million in 1.5 years

Shift Up is celebrating Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s latest milestone with new characters and free gacha pulls

Goddess of Victory: Nikke reaches $750 million in 1.5 years

May 4th marked 1.5 years of Goddess of Victory: Nikke, the popular mobile shooter RPG from Shift Up. To celebrate this milestone, the dev has promised "free stuff inbound" like SSR character Kilo and 10 Standard Recruit Tickets for free pulls on the gacha, provided players log in for 10 days across the anniversary period.

There also an "appreciation package" available with 10 Advanced Recruit Vouchers, enabling players to recruit characters on special event banners.

Newly acquired characters through these various tickets have no guarantee of being a high rarity, however, instead likely encouraging players to spend further after using up their anniversary gifts. The gacha is Nikke’s main monetisation method after all, pushing the game to $750 million in mobile revenue in only 1.5 years.

Regions of victory

As for in-game content during the celebration, Nikke has debuted its 33rd story event, Last Kingdom, following the White Knights and featuring its own event map and challenge mode. SSR Crown is the leading new recruit for this event with only a 1% appearance rate in the gacha.

Of the $750 million generated from mobile players thus far, $457.5 million (61%) comes from the Japanese market. According to App Magic data, this places Japan far ahead of any other region for Nikke’s earnings, with the US ranking second at only $127.5 million (17%). Shift Up’s home territory, South Korea, contributes third-most to the game with $105 million (14%) spent so far.

Japan, the US, and South Korea are also the top three regions for downloads, comprising 26%, 17%, and 10% of the playerbase respectively. This further shows Japanese players’ willingness to spend - known for their penchant for mobile RPGs - as revenue share from the country represents over double its installs.

"We are commemorating Nikke’s 1.5th year anniversary! Thank you to all Commanders for your support and working together to create a loving Nikke community," the Nikke team shared.

After 1.5 years, Nikke’s success has been a stable one as the game is well on its way to the unicorn club, averaging $250 million in mobile earnings every six months and rising from $500 million in its first year to $750 million today.

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