Yellow raises $5 million to fuel AI-powered 3D modeling tool

The start-up believes YellowSculpt “is a testament to what modern AI can achieve"

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 10th, 2024 investment Yellow $5m
Yellow raises $5 million to fuel AI-powered 3D modeling tool

AI start-up Yellow has raised $5 million in seed funding from A16z Games to build its 3D modeling tool YellowSculpt.

Powered by generative AI, the company said the tech can be used by artists and designers to crate pre-rigged 3D character meshes from a single line of text in minutes.

Once created, these characters can then be integrated into game engines like Roblox, Unity and Unreal, as well as 3D software tools including Daz Studio, Maya, and Blender.

Redefining boundaries with AI

The start-up is led by CEO Mandeep Waraich, who previously worked as the head of product - large models at Google on machine learning. The company's team is spread across cities including Palo Alto, Montreal and Munich.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, our vision remains clear: to lower the barrier to entry for professional-quality 3D creation and make it as intuitive and accessible as typing a sentence or snapping a photo," said Waraich.

“The more tools that we can put in the hands of people that allow them to imagine and express their ideas, experiences, and stories more vividly and authentically, the more we can see each other's worlds and build upon them generatively. And that’s good for all of us."

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