Microsoft streamlines WP7 submissions, improves analytics and speed payouts

Marketplace now boast 4,000 apps

Microsoft streamlines WP7 submissions, improves analytics and speed payouts
The remarkably open nature of the relationship the majority of mobile platform holders have with developers means it's possible for everyone to gain an insight into the inner workings of each format.

Microsoft, much like Google before it, is using these channels to demonstrate its willingness to listen to the development community.

As such, news delivered via the Windows Phone 7 developer blog that platform payments to studios will now take place in January is the perfect repost to the potentially damaging rumour that such a payout wouldn't take place until February.

No play with pay"We are pleased to now announce that the first payouts for Windows Phone 7 sales will be made in the 4th week of January 2011," Windows Marketplace senior director Todd Brix says in the entry.

"After January 2011, developer payouts will be processed on a monthly basis for all combined sales of Windows Phone 6.x and Windows Phone 7 apps for those developers who meet the minimum payout threshold limits."

Not only does Brix claim developers were already aware of the previous payout date of February, he also uses the entry to deliver a veritable bevy of advancements for the platform.

Windows Marketplace, for instance, now boasts 4,000 apps according to Microsoft's numbers – up from 3,000 at the end of November.

App trackerMonitoring the performance of said apps will also be easier, following the launch of the platform's official data reports.

"As shared previously, we planned to provide developers with individual insights into their app's performance within Marketplace - this is available today," Brix adds.

Though the comments already posted in reply suggest there are still a few bugs to iron out, studios can now access up to date download and transaction reporting for all their apps on the platform, with Brix adding Microsoft is interested in feedback to improve the set up further.

And finally...

Also updated is the app submission process, with Brix admitting the previous set up was less than ideal for many developers.

Nonetheless, he claims 91 percent of all app submissions have been published within two days – the kind of speedy stat Microsoft will no doubt use to distinguish Windows Marketplace from the lengthier process adopted by the Apple App Store.

Developers of XNA games can now also employ ads via Microsoft's Advertising SDK in the US, as already enjoyed by apps using Silverlight.

[source: Microsoft]

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