20% of all BlackBerry 10 applications are actually repackaged Android apps

BlackBerry VP confirms 20,000 Android apps on BB10

20% of all BlackBerry 10 applications are actually repackaged Android apps
Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry's VP for global alliances and business development, has revealed that 20 percent of all BlackBerry 10 applications are actually Android apps.

At the US launch of BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 handset last week, BlackBerry celebrated passing the 100,000 app milestone on its new OS.

But Malick's comments, made in an interview with AllThingsD, seem to suggest that 20,000 of those apps are, in fact, Android-based.

Android in disguise

BlackBerry has been extremely active in encouraging and incentivising developers to bring their apps to BlackBerry 10. Offering developers the ability to repackage their Android 2.3.3 applications for BB10 is one part of this push.

Repackaged apps are emulated in an Android runtime on the user's device, although the Z10 drew some criticism at launch for its ability to run these emulated apps smoothly.

Malick notes that the state of Android apps on BB10 is improving, though, explaining that developers such as Amazon are updating their repackaged apps to take advantage of BlackBerry 10 features such as the BlackBerry Hub.

Going native

Obviously, BlackBerry would rather developers build native apps for its platform, and despite the continued absence (in any form) of high-profile apps such as Netflix and Instagram, Malick is bullish on this front.

"Overall we're excited by what we are seeing in the marketplace. We have a high level of confidence we will continue to see more of the application partners come on board."

[source: AllThingsD]
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