Talking Friends studio Outfit7 hits 225 million downloads across iOS and Android

Boasts 60 million MAUs

Talking Friends studio Outfit7 hits 225 million downloads across iOS and Android
Outfit7's aim to take characters from its Talking Friends line-up and turn them into internationally recognised icons is well detailed – the firm's TV, film and book deal with talent agency William Morris Endeavor a step along that path.

But while Talking Friends might not yet compete with Angry Birds in terms of merchandise and tie-ins, Outfit 7 can boast a comparable number of downloads, hitting 225 million across iOS and Android.

Talking numbers

That's up from the 100 million the firm registered back in April, with company chairman Narry Singh claiming the second hundred million has come "twice as fast as our first hundred".

Outfit7 doesn't go as far as to break down the total between platforms, but the firm now boasts 60 million monthly active users (MAUs) across its line-up, with downloads currently growing at around 20 million a month.

That's a userbase that's resulted in the firm expanding its roster of employees to 40, with offices across Silicon Valley in California and Slovenia adding to Outfit7's HQ in Cyprus.

Outfit7 outreach

Next up for the publisher, however, could be a move to reach out to third party studios.

"We're at a point of inflection where we’re at a meaningful critical mass," concluded Singh.

"Distribution on our network is becoming powerful and it could be something that we could provide to third-party developers. That is the significance our milestone."

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