Eidos in takeover talks

Share prices rise in anticipation

Eidos in takeover talks
We were looking at the woes of Eidos – licence holder of the Tomb Raider franchise – just the other day, after sales of Lara Croft’s latest adventure proved dangerously disappointing for the games giant. BBC News is now reporting that Eidos has received an informal takeover approach from an unknown buyer.

According to Eidos, the talks are at an early stage, and it’s unaware as to whether a formal bid will actually be made. Warner Brothers already owns a 20 per cent stake in the London-based company, making them a likely candidate to further pursue ownership of Eidos – or its properties, at least.

Eidos’ share prices rose 23 per cent at the news of the takeover enquiry, and the company itself sounds quietly optimistic about the possibility of a buyout.

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