iPhone 2.2.1 update details leaked

Small tweaks, but good for corporate users

iPhone 2.2.1 update details leaked
It’s been quite a while since the 2.2 update, which made some pretty significant improvements to the iPhone’s firmware, but details regarding the imminent 2.2.1 version have now leaked out.

Other than the usual bug fixes there’s a welcome mention of the slow sync speeds that have been aggravating PC users are being addressed, along with minor adjustments to the SMS text messaging app interface.

It seems the email application is likely to get the biggest overhaul, with a new option to delete all messages rather than selecting them individually.

There’s also talk of added email functionality for business users, which ties in nicely with Apple’s big push to get iPhones into the corporate sector as a connected smartphone.

Hushed whispers can also be heard regarding the eventual 2.3 update including Bluetooth synching with iTunes, though this particular system of wireless connectivity isn’t something Apple has shown any previous interest in, so we’ll not hold our breath on that one.

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