Midway entering the iPhone market

Five mini-game conversions on their way

Midway entering the iPhone market
Midway’s been rather quiet of late, but it seems the long-lived gaming giant is now turning its attention - along with the rest of the industry - toward the iPhone.

Despite the huge catalogue of well-known titles at its disposal, Midway seems to be starting off slowly with individual conversions of a few mini-games previously compiled under the Touchmaster banner on the Nintendo DS.

These, in turn, were ported from Midway’s unusual coin-op experiment in the shape of bar-top touchscreen machines packed with a variety of different, quick-to-play mini-games.

These five iPhone titles will consist of Prismatix, Dice King, Combo 11, Carpet and Spellwinder will be available to buy individually (presumably at the lowest price tier of 59p) or can be bought as a Touchmaster compilation with a bit of a saving for bulk buying.

Hopefully this marks Midway’s field test of the App Store and iPhone viability, and we’ll be seeing conversion of some of its better known games before long.

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