iTunes in your web browser

Apple’s XML decoded by a Google Web App

iTunes in your web browser
As great as the App Store and iTunes have proven when it comes to digital distribution, the excessive system resources plundered by Apple’s desktop application is a constant source of aggravation for its users.

Because Apple builds its iTunes pages using an obscure system of XML, rather than the obvious, and far more lightweight HTML, web browsers are unable to display the information.

Instead, users are forced to download and install iTunes, which is viewed as a rather archaic and aggressive measure by modern standards - especially when that desktop application is so memory hungry and unresponsive.

In an effort to make browsing iTunes a lot quicker and easier on your PC, Nikhil has put together a Google Web App capable of translating and displaying iTunes in a web browser.

True enough, there’s no search function and you can’t buy anything through this web-based application, but anyone simply wanting to look around will find it has much less drag than Apple’s bloated software, and it does link you through to the correct iTunes page once you’ve found what you want.

Take a look around using this web-based software, and you’ll realise just how irksome iTunes really is.

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