GameHouse goes social with mobile-to-PC Fusion platform

Get access to 50 million players per month

GameHouse goes social with mobile-to-PC Fusion platform
On the back of an industry-wide drive to make games more social, RealNetworks brand GameHouse has announced the launch of a new platform designed to link players across what it describes as a “casual gaming community”.

Called GameHouse Fusion, the new platform is designed to link up gamers across leagues of socially connected games on a range of formats, as well as enabling developers to access the publisher's network of more than 50 million players per month.

Fusing its followers

Fusion can already count on support from the likes of Qualcomm, MySpace, PopCap, Mattel and Comcast, with GameHouse claiming the new service will directly tap into consumers who currently enjoy playing games on Facebook and MySpace.

"GameHouse Fusion is truly a game changing platform, providing consumers access to thousands of great games and a community of millions of other players," offers GameHouse president John Barbour.

"It offers our developer partners the opportunity to make all games social – even those not originally designed for social interaction – on virtually any screen.

"With the unmatched set of multi-platform development and distribution assets we have built over time, GameHouse is leading the transformation of digital games to mainstream social entertainment for the masses."

United we stand

One of Fusion's key selling points is that it will allow gamers who use a multitude of devices – from PC to mobile – to come together, a 'unified gameplay experience' very much the aim.

GameHouse says a massive catalog of games are already on board, with users able to chat between different social networks and use a centralised virtual economy that works across platforms.

As such, the GameHouse app on Facebook is the first service to make use of Fusion, with other social apps to follow in the coming months.

Handing those signed up to the platform access to data and analytics, the GameHouse Fusion SDK will also allow studios to publish their games once and have them distributed to popular PC portals and major social networks.

SDKs for Brew and Brew MP will launch in the third quarter of 2010, with iPhone, Android and other OSs also coming later this year.

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