Ansca Mobile announces 5 game 99c Corona Indie Bundle for iOS and Android

17% of proceeds going to charity

Ansca Mobile announces 5 game 99c Corona Indie Bundle for iOS and Android
Following on from numerous other indie bundles for charity comes a mobile version - the Corona Indie Bundle pack.

Games featured as The Secret of Grisly Manor by Fire Maple Games, Chickens Quest by GuGu Games, Robot 99 by Fu Design, Walkabout by Base 2 Solutions and Float by Crawl Space Games.

A sixth game will also be made available should the bundle reach 100,000 downloads.

Gaming for good

The package represents an attractive bargain, considering that the games have all picked up between 100,000 to 200,000+ downloads and would normally be priced 99c, €0.799 or 69p each.

The entire set is available for that price for iOS and Android, although unlike the Humble Indie Bundles on PC, there's no option to pay what you want and contribute more. 

Publisher Ansca Mobile says 17 percent of the net revenue will go to charities Bliss, Child's Play and Dispensario de Managua.

All of the games featured in the bundle were developed using the Corona SDK, hence the name, and the package will be submitted to Apple today (Friday, September 23).

For more information on the charities check out their websites: Bliss, Child's Play, Dispensario de Managua.

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