Epic removes Aquiris Game Studios' Wonderbox from Apple Arcade

The official Apple Arcade Reddit has confirmed that Epic-owned Wonderbox is amongst games leaving the service

Epic removes Aquiris Game Studios' Wonderbox from Apple Arcade

Aquiris Game Studios' Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker will be delisted from Apple Arcade from tomorrow April 4th becoming undownloadable for new users and uplayable for existing ones.

Featuring impressive dioramas and a distinctive look, the action-adventure game was developed by the game Brazil-based studio which is now owned by Epic and has evolved into Epic Game Studios Brazil.

“Dear players, we are ending support for Wonderbox and it will no longer be playable or available on Apple Arcade after April 4th. We'd like to thank everyone who enjoyed this adventure with us," was the company's only statement delivered via X (formerly Twitter).

Apple and Epic are currently engaged in battles over the lack of competition in the app store space.

Loved by the players

To confirm the removal, the official Apple Arcade Reddit has also listed Wonderbox amongst its list of games leaving Arcade in March 2024. Again, no reason is given for the game's removal.

One Reddit user EnTerr says “The discord server was disconnected and I read somewhere the social media/curators were sacked or re-assigned. I don't think Epic would do anything about the game, this is very very sad."

Another user Sidlon says “I also loved this game, but the developer is now owned by Epic, so I’m not completely surprised. I still think Wonderbox deserved a much larger audience with its amazing interface for user-created levels. Unfortunately it never got much attention, being released a day before a shower of 30+ games in April 2021."

Meanwhile other users were hopefull that the game may at least remain playable via the Apple Store despite leaving Apple Arcade and reaffirmed their sadness to see the game go. But, at the time of writing at least, Wonderbox's fate appears sealed.


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