Deutsche Telekom leads $13.6 million round in cloud vendor Numecent

Will expand to support Android and Linux

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May 30th, 2013 investment Numecent
Deutsche Telekom leads $13.6 million round in cloud vendor Numecent
Cloud specialist Numecent has announced it's closed a major funding round and secured $13.6 million in funding led by T-Venture, the VC arm of Deutsche Telekom.

In 2012, the CA, Irvine-based Numecent came out of obscurity to bring its virtualisation or cloudpaging technology to the market.

Numecent's cloudification process allows Windows apps to be streamed from the cloud which effectively eliminates the need for app installation on an end device.

Part of the funding will also be used to make cloudpaging available on Linux, Android and other mobile platforms.

Castle in the cloud

Numecent's allure to customers is that it can keep an end device (like a Windows 8 tablet) pristine and free of installation problems.

For developers, Numecent allows customers to access large apps without needing to download them directly to their devices - thereby avoiding the download hell experienced during slow connections.

It claims it can deliver a native application from the cloud between 20x to 100x faster compared to a linear download.

Dr. Aleksandar Mitrovic, SVP for technology and Platforms at Deutsche Telekom's product & innovation division summarised his company's feelings on Numecent and its potential in the market thus:

"Numecent has a potentially game-changing new technology with a huge ‘wow’ factor. We are delighted to support them with this investment through our T-Venture subsidiary."

[source: Wall Street Journal]

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