RIM to ship 1 million PlayBooks to retail in Q1 2011

Quanta Computer begins mass production

RIM to ship 1 million PlayBooks to retail in Q1 2011
Its launch is a matter of months away and seems that RIM is looking to ship at least 1 million PlayBooks to retail in Q1 2011.

That's according to a manufacturing report by DigiTimes, which claims production on the tablet has kicked off, despite an official release date still being up in the air.

PlayBook push

All that's officially known is that RIM intends to launch PlayBook in early 2011.

In turn, DigiTimes' report states that Quanta Computer has already begun volume production on the tablets with a view to a debut in March.

First out will be a wi-fi only version, followed up by a 3G release that will enable 'push mail functions'. A 4G enabled PlayBook will also be out in the summer in the US on Sprint, the site claims.

Shipment wars

As Apple Insider points out, shipments of 1 million within the device's first quarter are certainly respectable, but fall behind the pace set by iPad's launch, which sold 1 million units to consumers in its first 28 days.

Such a figure will, however, put PlayBook ahead of Motorola's forthcoming Android tablet Xoom, with Motorola reportedly gearing up to manufacturer between 700,000 and 800,000 units within the same timeframe.

[source: DigiTimes]

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