AGON Online servers to be permanently shut down on June 30

Mobile social network folds

AGON Online servers to be permanently shut down on June 30
Back in the days before Game Center, there were lots of companies offering iOS developers the ability to add social connectivitiy features to their games.

OpenFeint and Scoreloop have gone on to build successful businesses, extending their platforms beyond iOS to Android and other emerging devices.

Danish outfit Aptocore, which spun out of developer Deadline Games, has been quiet for some however. Now it's become clear why with the announcement that its AGON Online platform is being shut down.

Flick the switch

"It is with great regret that I am announcing that AGON Online will be shutting down at the end of June," explained co-founder and CEO Daniel Povlsen.

"Since our launch we have simultaneously dealt with multiple acquisition offers, sought investment, performed contract work in order to pay the bills - all whilst competing against a host of well funded competitors. I am extremely proud of what we achieved with our very limited resources and I am sorry we were not able to take AGON Online to the next level."

The result is that its servers will be shut down on June 30, with all user data being permanently deleted.

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