Rumour: Unity is closing a $10+ million funding round

Company valued north of $200 million

Rumour: Unity is closing a $10+ million funding round
News is leaking from the US west coast investment community that casual game middleware outfit Unity Technologies is about to announce its second major round of funding.

The rumours suggest this will be worth more than $10 million, valuing the company at more than $200 million.

Unity previously raised $5.5 million in its Series A round back in October 2009. It was lead by Sequoia Capital, with David Gardner, a senior games executive previously with EA and Atari, and Diane Greene, founder and former CEO of VMware, also involved.

Big bang

More recently, Unity has expanded rapidly, currently boasting that more than 500,000 developers on web, console and mobile platforms are using its technology, of which more than 150,000 are active users on a monthly basis.

It's had more than 60 million consumer installs of its browser plug-in.

In terms of mobile development, over 1,500 games on the Apple App Store have been developed with Unity, including Battleheart, Gears, Samurai II, Skee-Ball and Snuggle Truck, while there are over 100 Unity games available for Android.
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