Unity 3.5 bringing universal achievements, analytics and IAP into play

Levelling up

Unity 3.5 bringing universal achievements, analytics and IAP into play
The upcoming Unity 3.5 update from the mobile-web middleware provider is bringing a trifecta of strengths: social, analytics, and in-app purchases into play.

The Social API aims to make ever-popular leaderboards, friends, and achievements easier to implement across multiple platforms. According to Unity, there will be one universal API comparable with Apple Game Center, Facebook, and even the PlayStation Network.

Easy does it

Secondly, analytics focus on easier game A. The dynamic stats give insight into where a player quits or dies most often, what areas are the easiest, and, eventually, how a player interacts with others.

Unity will provide zero-day insights, which means games can be modified quickly. It will host the feedback servers itself so developers (particularly smaller ones) don't have the financial burden.

Finally, Unity 3.5 will support in-app purchases, again using one API for multiple platforms. It plans to tie the in-app data to other analytics too, such as where or when a player is most likely to purchase an item.

The result should be games which are better suited to their audience and more profitable. 

Unity 3.5 is going into beta shortly.

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