TestFlight rolls out private beta for Android app and game distribution

Easing pre-release distribution woes

TestFlight rolls out private beta for Android app and game distribution
It's time to throw away those Excel documents you use to manage pre-release APKs.

App distribution outfit TestFlight has extended its excellent iOS service to Android... finally.

The solution is currently in private beta, but offers the same distribution, management, tracking, and centralised feedback features that iOS developers have come to love.

Testing, testing

Indeed, as part of the beta, Testflight is releasing an official Android app, which is says will "dramatically improves the beta-testing experience with seamless device registration and faster installs".

The TestFlight app can be downloaded by developers once they are invited to the private beta, while testers will be able to download the TestFlight app once a developer sends them an Android app.

When the private beta ends, the app will also be made available via Google Play.

As for the popularity of Testflight on iOS, the company says it's had over 300,000 iOS apps uploaded, of which 100,000 have been uploaded in the past 90 days.

You can register for the Android beta here.
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