Less than 1 week remains to vote in the Pocket Gamer Awards

Rally the troops

Less than 1 week remains to vote in the Pocket Gamer Awards
There are less than seven days left for gamers to vote in the Pocket Gamer Awards.

Each year we celebrate the very best of mobile and handheld gaming, with the competition for our 2013 Pocket Gamer Awards trophies already typically fierce.

However, voting ends at 12pm GMT on 18 March, so developers and publishers with games in the running will need to mobilize their users into voting action sharpish.

Get involved

Not only will PG's readership - and your fans - have the deciding factor in which companies take home the silverware, but they've also got the chance to win a new tablet device too, full details of how to do so are available on the Pocket Gamer Awards page.

And remember, if you want to be kept informed as to who the winners are the moment they're announced, then make sure you 'like' us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, too.

With voting ending this coming Monday, get your skates on and check out the official Pocket Gamer Awards page now.

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