Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Edge Extended, Jetpack Joyride

Critically acclaimed

Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Edge Extended, Jetpack Joyride
Welcome to the weekly iPhone Quality Index (Qi) games roundup, giving you the LOWdown on the HIGH scorers every Friday on these illustrious pages.

As you may already know, Qi trawls the web for iPhone game reviews from the world’s most respected online and print sources.
Qi then applies its own magic formula to each site (including 148Apps, Macworld, and Pocket Picks) to establish a single definitive Qi score for each iPhone app and game.

Edge of your seat

Rolling onto the Quality Index leaderboard this week at 60 frames per second and within touching distance of first place is the kaleidoscopic cube at the heart of Mobigame’s 9.5-scoring Edge Extended.

As this semi-sequel’s name implies, the experience second time around is more an evolutionary extension of the original Edge than anything else, with the creator making full use of its debuting 3D engine for some effective swooping camera work.

Whilst the basic challenge in this puzzle-platformer remains pretty much the same - manipulate your cuboid around a geometric universe by tapping, stroking, dragging, and holding in all the right places - a new somewhat two-faced hexahedron accompanies you throughout.
Edge Extended’s predecessor may have stirred up greater controversy than Usain Bolt’s recent false start, but there’s no argument over this follow-up’s brilliance. In the words of Pocket Gamer, "the extra content on offer here, and the extra layer of polish that's been lovingly applied, make for a game that looks and plays better than most things on the App Store.”

Rocket Man

After eviscerating swarms of the walking dead in Age of Zombies and dismembering mummies and vampires for fun in Monster Dash, tough-as-nails commando Barry Steakfries returns to our touchscreens in Jetpack Joyride.

A league of evil scientists has developed a collection of experimental jetpacks, and it’s Barry’s mission to sequester these rocket-powered flying devices from the nefarious boffins before all hell breaks loose.

Lasers, electricity fields, and guided missiles hinder Barry’s flights through the top-secret laboratory, while pick-ups such as the Crazy Freaking Teleporter and the Profit Bird propel him towards higher and higher scores.

A quintet of breathtaking reviews from across the iPhone community has thrust Halfbrick’s very willing hero into Qi’s Top 4. Most noteworthy among them is AppSpy’s perfect 10 verdict:

“While touch-to-fly style endless games are nothing new, Jetpack Joyride trumps them all by packing together gorgeous designs with fun gameplay and replay value that's bursting at the seams.”

You can get the up-to-date information about which games are reviewing best over at the Quality Index.

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