Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Monsters Ate My Condo, Hypership Out of Control, Squids

Quality Index: The week's best iPhone games – Monsters Ate My Condo, Hypership Out of Control, Squids
What's this all about? Why it's the weekly Quality Index (Qi) round-up. If you hadn’t already realised, the Quality Index is one of Pocket Gamer’s many, many sister sites.

In many respects, Qi is a lot like Metacritic for iPhone games, collating everybody's opinions in one handy resource. It’s managed to accumulate over 100,000 reviews already. And it’s not stopping any time soon.

Every Friday, this column takes a look at the games that have made the biggest critical splash in the world of iPhone gaming over the past seven days.

Monster Munch

Devouring almost every iPhone rival in its path on the Qi leaderboard this week is Adult Swim’s Monsters Ate My Condo, a delicious block-matching puzzler which has already established a more-than sturdy 8.7 Qi rating.

The Atlanta-based studio teamed up with a veteran of finger-flicking touchscreen nonsense PikPok to bring this crazy, quirky, colourful time killer into existence, whose longevity is extended by the inclusion of OpenFeint and Game Center support.

To both satiate the ravenous beasts' appetites and prevent your high rise from collapsing, you have to swipe the cascading coloured floors away from your Jenga-esque tower. And ruddy quickly.

And it always seems we’re running out of time

In terms of perfectly-pitched descriptions for a title’s gameplay, Hypership Out of Control's moniker could definitely give Cut the Rope, Slice It!, and Tilt to Live a run for their proverbial money at the top of the obvious tree.

In Fun Infused Games’s incredibly busy shoot-‘em-up, your piddling excuse for a spacecraft has a couple of rather major mechanical faults: the accelerator pedal is stuck to the floor and the brakes have malfunctioned. Drats.
TouchGen survived long enough in Hypership’s perilous asteroid-packed environs to type out an instructive review: “There are a lot of cool game modes to choose from, but all are about avoiding death. I prefer the hardcore mode with only one life to complete the ten waves.”

Squids in

What do you get if you blend traditional role-playing game elements with epic underwater boss battles, an intuitive fling mechanic, and an army of ten-armed cephalopods? A right royal mess, some would argue.

Creator of Squids The Game Bakers and a trio of iPhone game reviewers would beg to differ, since Steev, Vahine, and the remaining members of their mollusc platoon have (jet) propelled themselves up into sixth position on the Qi chart.

You can get the up-to-date information about which games are reviewing best over at the Quality Index.

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