Kwalee starts new recruitment drive as it preps debut iOS release

Ex-Codemasters start up accelerates

Kwalee starts new recruitment drive as it preps debut iOS release
It's been six months since Codemasters founder David Darling announced his new mobile-focused start up Kwalee.

Already a team of 12 people with three titles in various stages of development, he says it's a case of all systems go.

"We're looking to hire another 10 people over the next couple of months, especially experienced programmers," he explains.

Giving it away

The UK-based studio is looking to combine its founder's experience of creating high quality console games, with the new opportunities available in mobile.

It's particularly focused on making multiplayer experiences, leveraging the power of free-to-play as a business model and distribution system.

"We fully believe in the free-to-play model," reveals Darling.

"We want millions of people to play our games and it makes it much easier to gain global visibility and awareness."

Love it, hate it

As for Kwalee's particular take on mobile gaming, he argues that "some companies still forget about the multiplayer aspects of their games".

Although, when it comes to its debut iOS title - codenamed Vegemite - and due out in April, he remains fairly tight-lipped.

"It's a turn-based strategy game that we think is both easy to get into but that offers complex strategies. We've been heavily testing it, both internally and externally with college students," he says.

"Our philosophy is to put gameplay first. Interactivity is what makes games successful."

You can find out more about what Kwalee's up to via its website.
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