Fishlabs boss expresses frustration with Greystripe

It's all about Ad Fill

Fishlabs boss expresses frustration with Greystripe
Fishlabs has been one of the keener mobile games firms when it comes to experimenting with advertising, but CEO Michael Schade isn't happy with results so far.

He tells GoMo News that he's shifting to Smaato's mobile ads platform, because "it can't be worse than what we have already". What Fishlabs has already is rival ad firm Greystripe.

So what's the problem? "They used us and I imagine all first movers as a test-bed," he says. "I am frustrated with them and advertising companies can't play with our business model."

The root cause of Schade's dissatisfaction appears to be the volume of adverts placed within Fishlabs's games. He wants all slots to be filled, even if that's at the expense of targeting.

"As a strong business advertising providers need to have a lot of adverts," he says.

"As a publisher and developer I only care about Ad Fill... Advertisers sound good when they say 'we know the user' but at the end of the day publishers want to fill their ad spaces and make money back."

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