Unity forms business division 'Union' to push engine's line up

Developers take home 80 percent revenue cut

Unity forms business division 'Union' to push engine's line up
Clearly deciding serving up the engine itself is no longer enough, Unity Technologies has announced it has forged a new business division – dubbed Union – to push Unity titles to new gamers.

Union will take special interest in promoting Unity games on fresh platforms, targeting consumers on new mobile formats, as well as internet connected TVs and set-top boxes.

"Union offers game developers a one-stop route to a wide range of revenue streams, allowing them to focus more energy on making great games instead of worrying about how to make money," said Brett Seyler, who will serve of general manager and strategy veep for Union.

"Platform owners are thrilled to sign up great games from a variety of developers through a single point of contact – there’s enormous mutual benefit to be unlocked here."

One stop shopAnnounced during Unity's annual developer conference Unite 2010, CEO David Helgason said Union will serve up distinct advantages for smaller studios that sign up.

Namely, the fact that Union enables developers to port their titles to multiple platforms with ease – the firm itself serving up porting and testing teams and handing 80 percent of all revenue generated back to the studio in question.

"We have encountered a huge thirst for great games from a huge range of platforms, and a broad range of these opportunities are currently only being captured by large game publishers," Helgason said.

"With Union, we help smaller developers band together to approach these opportunities as one.

"We see Union as a further step on the road to the democratisation of game development - a road that started with technology but can go much further."

Developers looking to sign up to Union are advised to visit Unity's website.

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