Zipline announces Moai, its Lua-based cross platform game middleware

Supports iOS and Android

Zipline announces Moai, its Lua-based cross platform game middleware
New platforms mean new approaches for middleware, and that's exactly what US start up Zipline Games is attempting with its Moai platform.

Designed for PC and mobile and cloud-based game development, it comes in two conjoined parts.

The client-side Moai SDK is driven by Lua script to provide cross platform portability, and handles your game logic, graphics, animation, inputs and physics. This hooks up with Moai Cloud, the server infrastructure built on top of Amazon Web Services, on which the assets and gameplay are hosted. Dedicated or turnkey options are available.

At present, Moai supports iOS and Android on mobile, also running on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Best of both worlds

According to Zipline, which is using the tech for its own game development, the SDK produces native applications on iOS and Android, and the Lua engine and libraries are compiled from C++ and are faster than Objective C code.

"The Lua script is run as interpreted byte code, but since very few Lua instructions are processed among all the input handling, rendering, animation, collision detection, and physics math running natively, overall app performance is wicked fast," it explains on its FAQ.

Access to the Moai SDK is free, as is Moai Cloud during its beta period. Pricing will be announced post-launch, and the SDK source code will then be made available.

Space on the beta are still available but limited. You can sign up here.
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