BioShock devs depart Irrational to launch iOS focused Uppercut Games

Debut release Epoch due Q4 2011

BioShock devs depart Irrational to launch iOS focused Uppercut Games
Time was the number of studios set up by console developers with the express intention of focusing on smartphones could have been counted on one hand.

Now, not a week goes by without several lifting the lid on their intention for an assault on iOS.

The latest comes in the form of Uppercut Games, set up by former Irrational Games employees Ed Orman and Andrew James.

Shooter stars

With combined experience of 24 years, their portfolio includes work on big franchises such as BioShock and the in-development XCOM – experience they plan to exploit fully on mobile.

The first self proclaimed 'triple-A quality' title under their belts will be action-combat release Epoch, due for launch on iOS in Q4 2011.
Epoch will follow the adventures of robot caught up in the demise of a once-thriving civilisation, combining ninja-like moves in battle with mecha styling.

Firm funding

Based in Australia, Uppercut has already secured funding from the New South Wales Government via its Investment Digital Media Fund.

In all, two of the studios projects made the fund's final cut of 20 – Epoch, and a yet to be unveiled release called Terminus for both mobile and Xbox 360.

Uppercut's move follows on from the launch of ex-Ubisoft team The Game Bakers - which also expressed a desire to create 'triple-A quality games on mobile' - and former Rockstar ace Anthony Gowland's Mainly About Games, amongst others.

[source: Uppercut Games]

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