Diablo creator David Brevik predicts a golden age of gaming

Portable, freemium, cloud-based and browser-y

Diablo creator David Brevik predicts a golden age of gaming
David Brevik, creator of PC smashes Diablo and Diablo 2 keynoted the Unity 11 conference in San Francisco.

Now president and CEO of Gazillion Entertainment, which is focused on MMOGs, Brevik reckons we're on the cusp of the next gaming golden age.

"In each platform, there's a juicy middle ... between when a platform arrives and it becomes behind in technology," he says.

However, unlike console kings such as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s, this golden age is platform agnostic.

Brevik says that, in future, gaming will be one unified system.

Future is bright

Four key trends have created this situation.

First, console-quality browser titles are making games more accessible to the masses. Second, the rise of tablets and phones means you always have a powerful game system available in your pocket.

Third, cloud and multi-device gaming will let you access certain - if not all - parts of a game on all platforms. Finally, free to play gaming is removing the barrier to entry.

All these combine to give users unprecedented access to your game, but the issue for developers will be ensuring you rise about the competition.

The bottomline according to Brevik: "Don't give people an excuse not to play your game."

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