Mika Mobile's Battleheart wins Best Game Award at Unite 11

Android/iOS game best made on the technology

Mika Mobile's Battleheart wins Best Game Award at Unite 11
The Unite 11 event in San Francisco was an ideal opportunity for Unity Technologies to announce Unity 3.5 as well as its new venture in Canada, but for some companies, the best was kept until last with the Unity awards. 

US developer Mika Mobile (best known for Zombieville), picked up the Grand Prix prize, for its action-RPG title Battleheart on iOS and Android.

Team Sollmo of Company 100 won the Best Cross-Platform award for mobile-Facebook game Buddy Rush.

Year-on-year quality

"The breadth of style and depth of quality in the selection of Unity-made games and apps this year was incredible," said Unity Technologies' CEO David Helgason.

"It's amazing to see the library getting bigger and better with each passing year thanks to all of the hard work that developers put into making games on Unity. We can't wait to see what our developer community comes up with in 2012!"

Other games which picked up awards were the PSN-only Recoil Games-developed Rochard, which picked up Best Gameplay and Best Graphics gongs, while GLiD by Spiderling, picked up the Best Student Game prize.

The Community Choice award went to PC-based MMO Battlestar Galactica Online.

Finalists from the mobile arena who didn't quite make it were Owlchemy with iPhone hit Snuggle Truck and Crescent Moon with Gears and Siegecraft, whilst SilverTree Media's Cordy was also nominated.

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