BBDevCon 2012: 40% of top grossing App World apps are PlayBook games says RIM's Alec Saunders

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BBDevCon 2012: 40% of top grossing App World apps are PlayBook games says RIM's Alec Saunders
Every company needs its attack dog.

In the case of RIM, that's Alec Saunders, its enthusiastic veep of developer relations and ecosystem development.

Reprising his Myth Busting performance from BB DevCon Americas in October 2011, Saunders fired out stats that he said proved many urban myths about BlackBerry were incorrect.

These included

  • 2 billion apps downloaded from App World by January 2012

  • more than 60,000 available apps

  • App World available in 164 market

  • 26 currrencies supported

  • 40 operators support carrier billing in 34 countries

Easy money

This later case is important because carrier billing is much easier for users, driving paid downloads.

It's now the default option in App World, wherever carrier billing is available.

"We've see a 125 percent uplift in monthly sales from carrier billing, and it accounts for 34 percent of total App World revenue," Saunders explained.

"What's also great is that carrier billing means users bought 70 percent more paid apps than before."

Playing better

This behaviour is even more noticeable when it comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

"PlayBook users download three times as many apps as BlackBerry [phone] users," Saunders revealed.

Indeed, of the 60,000 apps on App World, four of the top 10 top grossing apps are currently native PlayBook games, partly because game prices are relative higher on the store.

"People say that BlackBerry users don't download apps but we're seeing 174 million downloads per month. That's almost 30 downloads per user per year," Saunders said.

Over Android

Of course, he was also keen to get to grips with the competition.

Apple's App Store is untouchable in terms of volume and revenue, but Saunders was happy to stick the boot into the Android Market.

Quoting various third party analyst reports, he said App World has more paid downloads than Android Market, it was the second most profitable app store after Apple, and that App World apps generate 40 percent more revenue than those on Android Market.
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