PlayJam signs up Miniclip to bring Fragger and iStunt to smart TVs

Gets social integration, monetisation and leaderboards

PlayJam signs up Miniclip to bring Fragger and iStunt to smart TVs
TV gaming platform PlayJam has signed a deal to bring Miniclip's games to smart TVs.

Best known for Flash and now mobile titles such as Fragger, iStunt and Gravity Guy, Miniclip's games will been enhanced with leaderboards, tournaments, integration with social networks and various monetisation options.

PlayJam's platform supports TVs from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Western Digital and Vestel.

Don't turn the channel

"The opportunity presented by Smart TV is very exciting. By working with PlayJam, we can further expand our large established fan-base and extend our reach to TV," said Miniclip's VP and commercial director Chris Bergstresser.

"Miniclip represents the very best of online and mobile gaming so it is with great pride that we can work together to bring a number of their highly successful titles to the PlayJam Games Network," added PlayJam's marketing and communications director, Anthony Johnson,

[source: PlayJam (PDF)]
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