FIFA World Class Soccer on GREE made EA Mobile $30 million in five months

FIFA World Class Soccer on GREE made EA Mobile $30 million in five months
Over the past six months, EA Mobile has booked $157 million in sales.

That's up 22 percent compared to the same period 12 months ago.

Pretty good going, but not unexpected given that it's added the revenue from PopCap.

He shoots, he scores

But what's this we read in the small print of its financials?

"In November, FIFA World Class Soccer launched on the GREE network in Japan and became the top-ranking third party title on that system.

"It had a million dollar day last week, and has racked up $30 million in just five months."

Putting that into context, this means that one game (FIFA World Class Soccer) in one country (Japan), accounted for over 19 percent of EA Mobile's entire revenue.

On one hand, it's a massive positive for the company, especially if the game can sustain its revenue to account for, say $50 million over a year.

But, on the other, if you remove that game/revenue from EA Mobile, its annual sales would actually have declined in FY12, despite adding PopCap's mobile revenue to its accounts.

[source: EA (PDF)]
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Keith Andrew
It couldn't be much worse than FIFA 12, in truth.
Nicholas Sweeting
Japan's a funny place. Wasn't it where ringtone downloads first eclipsed music sales? So what's WCS like to play? Better than FIFA 2012? Or is it the same thing?
jon jordan
EA said it made $30M so I guess so. The game was the #1 on GREE btw
Nicolas Godement
Very impressive. Are the 30M$ after GREE's cut?