Apple ups App Store discoverability with Editor's Choice promo

Apple ups App Store discoverability with Editor's Choice promo
No stranger to picking specific apps to push, Apple has upped its game in the promo stakes with the launch of a new Editor's Choice spot on the App Store.

The new tool spans both apps and games, with Chillingo's Air Mail currently occupying the spot in the UK while MiniClip's Extreme Skater is the game of choice in the US.

On board with the editor

The move is being pitched as a way of improving overall discoverability on the App Store – often cited as the platform's biggest problem, with the number of apps swelling further week by week.

It's not clear how Apple will go about choosing the apps and games to fit into this slot, however.

So far, only titles from established players appeared to have been picked – the first standard app to spot the Editor's Choice label being Facebook's new camera app.

Apple has also taken to Twitter to launch a new 'App of the Week' initiative, with one title a week offered to consumers without charge through the social network – the first game to be pushed being ZeptoLab's Cut the Rope: Experiments, which usually retails for 69p/99c.

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Keith Andrew
Not in this form. They've always pushed forward apps, but Editor's Choice is a new label as I understand it.
editor's choice is nothing new. this is a label on their front panel which has been there for a couple of years.