'The UK is a world leader': Cloud gaming specialist GameSparks joins TIGA

Becomes latest trade association member

'The UK is a world leader': Cloud gaming specialist GameSparks joins TIGA

Having launched back at Gamescom in Cologne, cloud gaming platform GameSparks has become the latest firm to join UK trade association TIGA, with the company proclaiming the British games industry as a "world leader".

GameSparks looks to eradicate what it believes is the current complexity around implementing the free-to-play model and placing games in the cloud, having stated that it believes the vast majority of games will adopt both features in the coming years.

Its new found membership of TIGA, CMO John Griffin said, is designed to help it connect with the studios operating within the UK.

Flying the flag

"The games industry is now one of the fastest growing worldwide, particularly mobile games with Europe boasting half of the world’s Top 10 companies in mobile games," detailed Griffin.

"The UK, with its deep gaming roots, has established itself as a world leader and has hundreds of games studios – both independent and publisher owned. The industry is also going through rapid change and many games developers would benefit from support to help them keep up.

"GameSparks, with the backing of TIGA, is looking to expand our network and provide this support by bringing enterprise server-side system capabilities to everyone who wants it, levelling the playing field between everyone from start-up indies to the industry’s global players."

The company's platform offers developers cloud-based server capacity, network and storage, and other features such as cloud data management. In addition, GameSparks also offers social game mechanics and monetisation mechanics.

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