Apple opens a gaming-specific App Store Twitter account - @appstoregames

The Apple Games Editors get social

Apple opens a gaming-specific App Store Twitter account - @appstoregames

In a testament to how big gaming has become on the iOS platform, Apple has created a gaming-specific Twitter account with the handle @AppStoreGames.

The account is manned by the Apple Games Editors, who select which games get pride of place in the App Store with their Editors' Choice awards. 

The feed only became active in the past 24 hours, but at the time of writing its follower count is nearing 24,000.

As a taste of what's to come, it promises "Tips and tricks. Game challenges. Behind-the-scenes," so hopefully some interesting content will emerge from the account in due time.

A screenshot of the video @AppStoreGames tweeted to announce its arrival

Whether or not this means that the feed will give some additional insight into the game selection process of the Apple Games Editors is unknown, but the fact they now have a point of contact with the general public is interesting in itself.

True to form, the account looks to strike the same balance between paid indies and F2P big hitters as is seen on the front page of the App Store.

Its header photo predictably includes icons for Clash of Clans and Angry Birds, but its handful of tweets so far have championed more esoteric titles such as DEVICE 6, Monument Valley, and Sword and Sworcery EP - notably all paid titles. 

You can follow @AppStoreGames on Twitter.


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