Global VR Challenge: The PC VR contenders

We profile the developers targetting desktops

Global VR Challenge: The PC VR contenders

After receiving 80 entries for the Global VR Challenge, the shortlist is now down to 22 games.

The competition was created by Steel Media, publisher of Pocket Gamer, in association with China’s leading VR company, DeePoon.

The goal is to identify the best new VR games development talent and concepts from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, and help bring them to the world’s biggest VR market, China.

The challengers

To get you more acquainted with the remaining contenders, we're shining a spotlight on all the games still in with a chance of winning from the $35,000 prize pool.

In this you'll get a sneak peek at the 11 games being developed exclusively for VR on PC.

We've already profiled 11 games targetting mobile VR.

Please note that many of these games are still a work in progress.

You can find out more about the Global VR Challenge here.

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  • 1 Alice VR

    Alice VR logo

    Developer: Klabater
    Where: Poland
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Adventure
    Game engine: Unreal Engine

    A spaceship failure forces you to land on an alien planet to replenish the graphene supply. The simple task gets complicated when you realise that all the planet’s citizens have disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

    In this first-person exploration sci-fi adventure, you'll have to deal with many exciting puzzles and make decisions that will directly influence the future of the planet and its habitants.

    The developer plans to implement puzzles that feature growing and shrinking, the ability to walk on walls and multiple paths leading to different endings.

  • 2 Cloudlands: VR Minigolf

    Cloudlands: VR Minigolf logo

    Developer: Futuretown
    Where: Canada
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Sport
    Game Engine: Unity

    Cloudlands: VR Minigolf uses the HTC Vive’s room scale technology and control setup to let you live out the minigolf experience in their own home.

    Players are transportred to an island archipelago above the clouds, where there are ball cannons, floating bridges and multi-level golf courses.

    Futuretown also aims to add four-player online multiplayer with fully integrated voice chat, as well as the ability to take turns in local multiplayer.

  • 3 Flying Aces VR

    Flying Aces VR logo

    Where: UK
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Shooter
    Game Engine: Unity

    Flying Aces VR is a flight sim/combat game set during World War 1, built from the ground up specifically for virtual reality.

    Take to the skies and experience the birth and rise of aerial combat during the Great War.

    Develop and test your piloting, gunning and bombing skills in structured missions, and lead your side to victory from above.

  • 4 HordeZ

    HordeZ logo

    Developer: Zenz VR
    Where: Sweden
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Shooter
    Game Engine: Unity

    This on-rails survival VR shooter offers fast and simple gameplay that immerses you in a creepy world of zombies and demons.

    As well as a single-player option, plans are afoot to ensure full multiplayer support for the final game so players can push back the zombie horde with their friends.

  • 5 Kittypocalyse

    Kittypocalyse logo

    Developer: Bolverk VR Games
    Where: Denmark
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Strategy
    Game Engine: Unity

    Evil aliens have begun taking over the planet by disguising themselves as kittens.

    Your job is to repel wave after wave of cute but deadly kittens across 15 islands.

    The game is set to feature over 50 weapon upgrades, a unique control system to survey the map and plan your tower defence strategy, and 15 unique locations.

  • 6 Lightblade VR

    Lightblade VR logo

    Developer: Andreas Hager Gaming
    Where: Germany
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Action
    Game Engine: Unreal Engine

    Lightblade VR is a virtual reality training simulation for self-illuminated plasma blades.

    Trained by your personal robot, you must deflect all incoming laser beams using Vive’s unique controllers and perfect your score.

    Players can fight with one or two blades as they master four different training modes and extra challenges. Blades come in five different colours and four hilt variations.

  • 7 QUBE 2

    QUBE 2 logo

    Developer: Toxic Games
    Where: UK
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Puzzle / Platformer
    Game Engine: Unreal Engine

    QUBE 2 tells the tale of a survivor who traverses an ever-changing QUBE world, that adapts not only to their actions, but also to their memories; their self.

    The player is able to directly manipulate the environment in order to complete puzzles. This involves rotating entire rooms and placing coloured cubes in order to navigate and complete levels.

    There are only two inputs that allow the player to control the environment, but because the environment is constantly changing, this opens up many new gameplay possibilities and new mechanics.

  • 8 Reflections

    Reflections logo

    Developer: Broken Window Studios
    Where: USA
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Simulator
    Game Engine: Unity

    Reflections is a first-person, narrative exploration game where the actions you take affect the outcome of your life.

    Every action has meaningful consequences that can radically shape the experience.

    This "butterfly effect" is represented by the game's unique colour mechanic, which flushes the black and white world with colour based on each interaction, illustrating your progress and providing clues to what your future might hold.

    In Reflections, you can explore life goals, relationships and the philosophical implications of choice in this very unique approach to branching narrative.

  • 9 Stifled

    Stifled logo

    Developer: Gattai Games
    Where: Singapore
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Stealth
    Game Engine: Unity

    Stifled is a microphone-enabled sound-based survival game, where sound is the only way you see.

    But sounds made by your in-game character or yourself through the mic can also be heard by enemies.

    To survive, you will have to tread the line between making sounds to see, and keeping quiet to stay hidden.

  • 10 The Town of Light

    The Town of Light logo

    Developer: LKA
    Where: Italy
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Adventure
    Game Engine: Unity

    The Town of Light is a first-person psychological adventure set in the first half of the 20th Century in Italy.

    Exploring and interacting with the environment, you will relive the history of the main character through her confused viewpoint.

    Influenced by your choices, the story will develop in different ways.

  • 11 Vantage Point

    Vantage Point logo

    Developer: Coatsink
    Where: UK
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: Stealth
    Game Engine: Unity

    Vantage Point is a cooperative multiplayer stealth game that challenges players on their communication skills.

    The goal is to reach the explore of a dangerous environment locating vital intel and items without being spotted by the enemy.

    One player will play the role of the Infiltrator, who will wear the headset and explore the area.

    The other player, the Navigator, is shown a map of the facility and the position of the Infiltrator, items and enemies. It is the Navigator’s job to guide the Infiltrator to objectives and ensure they are not caught.

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