Pokemon GO could be coming to Android Wear smartwatches

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Pokemon GO could be coming to Android Wear smartwatches

Pokemon GO may be coming to Android Wear smartwatches as well as the Apple Watch.

The report comes from Pokemon GO Hub, which data mined the latest Android update of Pokemon GO and found references to Android Wear implementation in the game's code.

The Android Wear version will use Bluetooth to communicate with Android phones and the game will run in the background on the smartwatch.

The data mine also found that a number of Android Wear devices are already supported and that the code implementation has been marked as ready for release, so it could launch alongside the Apple Watch release.

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Interestingly, the data mine also suggests that Android Wear users will be able to pair with an iPhone, in case players have mismatched devices.

It's not particularly surprising that Pokemon GO would come to Android Wear – it makes sense for Niantic Labs to spread the game as far as it can to maximise its already impressive revenues, after all.

But after Apple made a big deal of the game coming to Apple Watch at its recent keynote event, it might take some of the excitement away from the upcoming Apple Watch Series 2, which could do with all the help it can get when it comes to games.


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